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Committees Created by the Constitution
Advertising and Publicity Committee Committee Description
 Shelly Axtell, Chairperson The Public Relations Committee shall promote the Association and its members to the general public, other professional or trade associations and branches of the Federal, State, County or Local governments in an effort to create a better understanding of the purposes of the abstract and title insurance industry and the Association and to work with committees or authorized representatives of such groups or similar bodies to promote our mutual interest.
  • Kim Burgett
  • Patty Holle
  • David St.John
  • Polly Epting
  • Jerilyn Stull
  • Samantha Hager
  • Kristy Bailey
  • Deborah Lewis
  • Cheryl Lewis
  • Suzan Kimball
  • Denise Finley

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Audit Committee Committee Description
  • No Appointments for 2011
The Audit Committee shall be composed of a Chairperson and two (2) members appointed by the President at the Annual meeting each year. The Committee shall review the Annual Audit of the Association's accounts for the year just ended, and report thereon to the Executive Committee at the Fall Meeting. The report shall then be published in the next Kansas Abstracter newsletter following the Executive Committee meeting.
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By-Laws Committee Committee Description

Chris St. John, Chairperson

  Eric Schibi

  Randy Barbour

  David Scott

  Paul Pendry

  Doug Simmons
  Mike Hoppock

  John Clark

The By-Laws Committee shall report to the Executive Committee and to the members at each Annual Meeting. It shall consider all proposals to amend and may, on its own motion, propose amendments to the Constitution, By-Laws and the Code of Ethics of this Association, and shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, specify for distribution among the members those practices which shall thereafter be deemed in violation of the principles of said Code of Ethics.
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Liaison Committee Committee Description
  • No Appointments for 2011

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Education Committee   
Committee Description


Eric Schibi, Pres. Elect, Chairperson

Mike Malone, Vice - Chairperson , Exp. 3/2015

Richelle Axtell, 3/2014

Jerilyn Stull Exp. 3/2015

Fawn Eck Fox, Exp. 3/2014

Lisa Henry, Exp. 3/2015

Mike Hoppock, Exp 3/2015

Ty Lewis, Exp. 3/2016

Brandon Knowles, Exp. 3/2014

Amber McDowell, Exp. 3/2015

Doug Simmons, Exp. 3/2014

Dave Scott, Exp. 3/2015

Chris St.John, Exp. 3/2014

Kim May, Exp. 3/2016

Judy Argyle, Exp. 3/2014

Joe Shields, Exp. 3/2015

Cheryl Cowherd, Exp. 3/2015
Jean Tharp, Exp. 3/2015

Jill Isernhagen, Exp. 3/2015



The President shall, within 30 days following the adjournment of the regular annual meeting in 1996, appoint a committee of not less than fifteen (15) members of the Association to be known as the Education Committee. The Vice President of this Association shall serve as chairperson. The President shall initially appoint the following: Five (5) members shall serve a three (3) year term; five (5) members shall serve a two (2) year term; five (5) members shall serve a one (1) year term. Any additional members shall serve a one (1) year term. The terms of the Committee members shall run from the first day of the month following the annual Kansas Land Title Association Title School following his/her appointment, to the first day of the month following the annual Kansas Land Title Association Title School at the end of his/her respective terms. Thereafter, the President shall appoint each year, five (5) members to serve a three (3) year term, to replace the retiring members. If so appointed, nothing herein shall prohibit a member from serving successive terms. A Vice-Chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote at the first meeting of the committee, for a two (2) year term. The Vice-Chairperson shall be elected from those committee members who have served at least one (1) year on the committee. The Education Committee shall plan, organize, promote and be responsible for the execution of a constantly improving program of instruction for the general benefit of Association members and the employees of Association members. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall have primary responsibility for carrying out the duties and work of the committee. The Committee shall be responsible for assisting the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson in the planning and implementation of all education meetings sponsored by Association, including, but not limited to, the annual Abstract and Title Insurance School.

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Grievance Committee Committee Description

Denise Finlay, Chairperson -Dist.5

Jill Isernhagen -District 1 (2nd year)

Dave Scott -District 2 (1st year)

John Clark -District 3 (2nd year)

Brandon Knowles -District 4 (1st year)



1) Structure
a) The Grievance Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, who shall serve for one year, and four other members. No two members of the Committee shall be appointed from the same District. Within thirty (30) days after the annual meeting of the Association at which this Constitution is adopted, the Chairperson and two members shall be appointed for a term of one year each and two members shall be appointed for a term of two years each. Thereafter, within thirty (30) days after each succeeding convention, a Chairperson shall be appointed to a term of one year and two members shall be appointed for a term of two years each. The Committee shall have the power to consider and investigate complaints involving alleged misconduct by a member thereof, including, without limitation, alleged member-violations of the principles of the Code of Ethics. The Committee may itself initiate investigation as aforesaid, and, on majority vote of its members, may become the vote of its members, may become the complaining party to a grievance, or may undertake any such investigation upon complaint laid before it by a member of an aggrieved party. The Committee shall proceed in the matter provided b Article IV. 2) Procedure
a) Complaints against a member of the Association alleging misconduct in his/her relations with the general public, the Association, or a member thereof, shall be in writing, signed by the complaining party and shall state plainly the matter being complained of. Any such complaint shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association who shall forthwith refer it to the Grievance Committee. The complained-of-member shall be furnished a copy of the complaint and shall be permitted thirty (30) days to answer the same in writing, such answer to be filed with the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee. Such member shall cooperate with the Grievance Committee and, on request, shall disclose pertinent facts and records, not privileged, germane to the investigation.
b) At a time and place designated by the Grievance Committee, said Committee shall hold a hearing on the complaint, at which hearing the complainant and the complained-of-member may appear personally and by counsel; provided, however, that if after preliminary investigation the committee shall deem the complaint groundless, it may dismiss the complaint. Upon the dismissal of the complaint, the Grievance Committee shall determine whether said complaint was brought with malicious intent and if so found may assess the reasonable costs of the hearing against the complainant member.
c) The Grievance Committee's findings and recommendations after investigation and hearing of any complaint shall be reduced to writing and submitted promptly to the Executive Committee. A copy thereof shall be given to the complained-of-member. Upon the written request of the complained-of-member, the Executive Committee shall, before making a final decision, give him/her an opportunity to appear in person and by counsel and to be heard in support of his/her defense.
d) The Executive Committee shall review the Grievance Committee's findings and recommendations and may find the complained-of-member to be guilty or not guilty of the charges against him/her, and if found guilty, may adjudge that he/she be censured, or suspended, or expelled from the Association; but no censure, suspension or expulsion shall be adjudged except by a vote of two-thirds of the whole Executive Committee. Such decision of the Executive Committee shall be reduced to writing and a copy thereof furnished to the complainant and the complained-of-member.
e) Any decision of the Executive Committee suspending or expelling a member shall be final and shall become effective according to its terms unless, within thirty (30) days thereafter, the member shall file with the Secretary of the Association a written appeal to the membership of this Association, in which event the decision of the Executive Committee shall be held in abeyance pending determination of the appeal at the next Annual Meeting. Upon any such appeal the decision of the Executive Committee shall be affirmed or reversed by a majority vote of the Active Members present and voting at the meeting.
f) All communications, notices or pleadings by or from any party to a grievance proceeding shall be sent by certified or registered mail addressed to the Association at the principal place of business of its Secretary-Treasurer. All notices or communications by or from the Association to any party to such proceedings shall be sent by certified or registered mail addressed to the principal office of said party as last entered upon the records of the Association.
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Judiciary Committee Committee Description
  • No appointments for 2011

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Legislative Committee Committee Description

Doug Simmons - Co-Chairman
Randy Barbour - Co-Chairman

Joyce Huddleston -President

Eric Schibi - President-Elect
Kris Hanzlicek - Vice-President
John Dozier
Chris St. John
Charles Hacker
Bob Swiss
Steve Lewis
Todd Sheppard
Matt McBride
Brad Farney
Kim May
Cheryl Cowherd

The Legislative Committee shall review and monitor all proposed or pending legislation and court and administrative decisions which are pending at the State and Federal level which impact the conduct of the abstract and title insurance business and, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, shall have the powers to act on behalf of the Association with regard to any such items which may affect the interests of the Association and its members. The Committee shall report its activities to the Executive Committee at least annually.


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Nominating Committee Committee Description

Joyce Huddleston - Chairperson
  Karen Panter

  Roger Hannaford III

  Chris St.John

  Doug Simmons

The four most recent presidents registered at any convention at the opening session and the current president of the association shall constitute the nominating committee for the nomination of officers at each annual convention. The nominating committee shall nominate one candidate for each of the following offices: President, Vice-President and members of the executive committee of the association as set out in Article II, Section 3 (a) of these By-Laws. The nominating committee's report shall be delivered at the time and place that the president of the association shall direct. Provided, however, that in any event such report shall be delivered before adjournment of the convention. Additional nominations may be accepted from any voting member of the association. A majority of those members present at any nominating committee meeting shall constitute a quorum.
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Planning Committee Committee Description

Eric Schibi, President-Elect, Chairperson

  Kris Hanzlicek, Vice-President

  Cissy Jennings

  Amber McDowell

  Scott Hannaford

  Brandon Knowles

  Jeff Amrein

  Bob Swiss
  Suzan Kimball
  Ty Lewis
  Judy Argyle
  Cissy Jennings
  Mary Jo Wallis
  Barb Wagner

The Planning Committee shall study ways and means for improving the operations and methods of the Association and the furtherance of a closer relationship between it and the membership. Its recommendations shall be submitted by the Chairperson to the Executive Committee.

Committees Not Created By The Constitution
Convention Membership

Steve Kimball - Co-Chairperson

Doug Simmins - Co-Chairperson

Joyce Huddleston
Lisa Henry
Judy Argyle
Kristy Bailey
Shawn Herrick
Denise Finlay
Matt McBride
Karen Panter
Brandon Knowles
ott Hannaford


Kris Hanzlicek, Chairperson

Brandon Knowles

Mike Malone

Rick Pierce

Greg Haehl

Charles Hacker
Mary Jo Wallis
Cissy Jennings
Denise Smithhisler
Barb Wagner

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Memoirs Young Title Person

Jerilyn Stull - Chairperson - District 5

  Sondra Bracelin - District 1

  Lora Obermueller - District 2

  Doreen Thomas - District 3

  Judy Argyle - District 4

Karen Panter - Immediate Past President

Eric Schibi - President Elect
Jerilyn Stull
Paul Pendry

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Study Guide for Title Ins. Exam Abstract Statute Revision Committee
Jeff Amrein, Chairperson
Lisa Henry
Mike Malone
Kris Hanzlicek
Doug Simmons
Shae Clark

Steve Kimball, Chairperson
Karen Panter
Glen McQueen
Polly Epting
Jerilyn Stull
Joyce Huddleston
Steve Lewis
Chris St.John
Roger Hannaford III
Jeff Foster


Chairperson: Pres. Joyce Huddleston, District 1

  Treasurer:  Deborah Lewis – District 1

  Legislative Committee Co-Chair:

  Doug Simmons, District 3
  Randy Barour, District 3
  Cheryl Lewis, Distrct 2
  Bill Regier, Distrct 4


Karen Panter, Immediate Past President

  Joyce Huddleston, President

  Eric Schibi, President-Elect
  Kris Hanzlicek, Vice

  Deborah Lewis, Treasurer

Shawn Herrick, Executive Secretary

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