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KLTA Uniform Abstract Certificate Form


(Adopted by Kansas Land Title Association)
(Approved by Kansas Abstracters' Board of Examiners)


STATE OF KANSAS, COUNTY OF ___________________, ss:

          [Your Company Name Here], a duly bonded, licensed and qualified abstracter of titles, hereby certifies as follows herein with reference to the files and records in ___________________ County, affecting the title to the following described real estate in the County of ____________________, State of Kansas, to-wit:

          The foregoing is a true, complete and correct abstract of all conveyances and other instruments of writing, including federal tax liens, filed for record or recorded in the Register of Deeds records affecting the title to said real estate, and shows all special clauses and conditions of any kind or nature, other than covenants of general warranty and quitclaim, which appear in any of the instruments.  All references in the entries to books and pages are to the Register of Deeds records, except as otherwise noted.

          The acknowledgements to the various instruments abstracted herein are regular and the signatures are of record as shown and so appear in the acknowledgements, except as otherwise noted.

          Except as shown in this abstract, there are no judgments, transcripts of judgments from State or United States Courts, foreign judgments filed under the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Acts, executions from other Kansas counties, mechanic liens or other liens, attachments, suits pending, or court proceedings or other proceedings, on file or of record in any court of record, affecting the title to said real estate, against, by or pertaining to:

          The records in the office of the County Treasurer of said County, on date of this certificate, show taxes for
          The following are NOT shown in this abstract:  (1) instruments filed in the Register of Deeds records (a) under the Uniform Commercial Code, unless containing a legal real estate description and indexed in the numerical index, and (b) those filed as chattels only; (2) proceedings which by statute are privileged and not open to public inspection; (3) taxes on oil, gas and mineral rights listed separately from the taxes on the surface rights; (4) appointments of resident process service agents under K.S.A. 60-306; and (5) records not to be shown under K.S.A. Chapter 58, Article 28.

          That the undersigned is a duly licensed and qualified abstracter in and for the County and State aforesaid and is a member in good standing of the Kansas Land Title Association and its bond as required by law, which is a corporate surety bond, is in force at the date of this certificate.

          This certificate covers the period of time from ____________________________________ to the date hereof and contains Entry No. ______ to Entry No. ______, inclusive.



          Dated at ___________, Kansas, this _______ day of _____________________, A.D. ________, at ____________ o'clock ___.M.

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By:  __________________________
Licensed and Bonded Abstracter

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