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 Doug Simmons

 Current KLTA President


President’s Report

By Doug Simmons



Spring is here and many of us thought it would never arrive through all the snow and the cold temperatures of December, January, February, March and even April.  With spring comes new life and new growth, just look around and see the flowers blooming, the birds singing and the trees budding.  To see this beauty, color and sounds of nature and to see life rise up again around us after a prolonged cold, dark, gloomy, and grey time, gives us hope of things to come and refreshing feelings about ourselves, others and the world around us.


We can and should take this refreshed feeling and new life and apply it our everyday life and the task before us to rebuild our business, the economy in our local areas, and let it be as catching as a wildfire on the prairie as we become POSITIVE about life, our profession, our business opportunities and what we can do to have a positive state of mind, cleansed, as if by the spring rains.


The KLTA District Meetings are recently behind us and we were  in Dodge City on April 20, hosted by Connie Dellinger and in Lawrence on April 21st, hosted by Paul Pendry.  There was important information relating to our industry, legislative reports and the business side of KLTA.  We had the opportunity to support our association, renew friendships and reap the benefit of an educational experience. We also raised an additional $3,000 for our PAC.


The Kansas Land Title Association annual convention will be in Overland Park on August 12-14, 2010.  We will be at the Sheraton, where we had Polly Epting’s convention a few years ago.  The rooms are very nice, as is the hotel in general, all for under a hundred dollars.  The convention committee and chairman Steve Kimball, is planning a tremendous time for you.  If you have not taken the opportunity to visit the website of our featured speaker, Mr. Don Yaeger, please take time to do so at www.donyaeger.com, you will find Don to be a person you will greatly anticipate hearing at the convention.  Following this article you will see a couple of blurbs from people who have heard Don in person and the impressions he left them with.  Thanks Polly and Matt for your willingness to share your thoughts.


The legislative committee has been working with Mr. John Peterson, our lobbyist, in monitoring various bills that could affect KLTA and in supporting legislation that we will benefit from.  Chris St. John and his committee are always at work for you. 


The KLTA annual title school was completed in February, at the Wichita Marriott. We had a good registration for both the school and continuing education.  Our attendance for Title School was approximately 120 registered and Continuing Education had 98 registered. We had many wonderful speakers who gladly volunteered their time and paid their own way, most of them year after year, to provide the opportunity for us to receive education on current matters. 


We have had a few months now to work with the “New RESPA Rule, the NEW GFE, and the NEW HUD-1”.  It has been a real learning process, with questions no one contemplated and has given rise to the question “WHY?”   I have not crossed paths with anyone who has that answer.  It seems there are questions daily and issues where the lender does not always provide all the information on the GFE, i.e. the charge for an owners policy, and thus the question, “do we add it to the HUD and where, and even though it is a buyer charge and a credit to the buyer on page one, the lender may ask it be charged to the seller.  This alone is A GREAT REASON to attend our meetings to find out what others may be doing to solve problems you may have encountered.  If you have questions that you are not sure the answer of, call your underwriter for guidance.  Even though it is not a title question but a closing question they may have some insight to a problem that their branch operations may have encountered.


We have several new members in our association and you can find them listed in this issue of “The Kansas Abstracter”.  Please take time to contact them and let them know we are happy to have them as members of KLTA, answer any question they might have relating to KLTA and our procedures and please invite them to the Convention.   Our Association is only as strong as its members and their participation.


The summer issue of The Kansas Abstracter will have the nominations for KLTA officers and Executive Committee members for the year 2010-2011; a review and highlights of the Arkansas Land Title Association and Oklahoma Land Title Association Conventions and other important matters relating to our association.    Again, our own convention is rapidly approaching, so put August on your calendar now and be watching for convention materials in June and July or check for the info on the KLTA web site, www.KLTA.org, this will be a convention that you will not want to miss.    



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