Knowing the basis of all wealth is land; that the real ownership of land consists not in having the dirt itself but actually the title thereto, i.e., the right to use, retain and possess it as the law prescribed, for Law Makers and Governing Groups since the beginning and mark of Time having wisely defined Real Property Rights from others and thereby created a protective agency for their peoples’ most valuable worldly possession and a stabilizing influence on the economic system.

Therefore, the evidencing of title is a most important element and a necessity in the conduct of business and commercial life, the progress and development of communities.

And, since it is desirable and essential to provide means of expediting the consumption of real estate transactions, thereby making Real Estate a more liquid asset, and since the degree of this achievement is dependent upon the mental equipment, office paraphernalia and capacity for service of those engaged in the business of evidencing titles, the following are expressions of the beliefs, ideals and ideas of those in that vocation who constitute the personnel of the organization known as The Kansas Land Title Association.


I. The foundation and success in business is governed by service rendered, and the constant thought of all Title Professionals should be to surround themselves with such office equipment that the use of their mental capacity shall be facilitated to the greatest degree; this because the title must be shown as it is, nothing more, nothing less, and accuracy is essential.

II. Title Professionals must be alert to the ever increasing complexity of their work, calling for
greater skill, more efficient methods and finer
technique. They should initiate the improvements of their businesses and not let them arise from the demands of the users of their product.

III. Faith will be shown in the worthiness of the vocation by an industrious application to it, since its success will be based upon the confidence the public has in those conducting it. Title Professionals shall stand sponsor for their work and protect others from loss occasioned by their errors without invoking legal technicalities as a defense. All matters entrusted to their care or learned in the conduct of business must be treated as strictly confidential and never used to advantage.

IV. Title Professionals are entitled to just compensation for their services, for in it are involved skills and learning, an outlay of capital for equipment and conduct of business and a liability for the responsibility for their work. They should establish a schedule of prices, adhere to them and not ambuscade business or court favor by the cheap purchase of it either by large discounts or commissions, suicide prices, the granting of makeshift service and substitutes at reduced compensation or by tearing down competitors.

V. Title Professional should realize they must be business like, ethical, of fair dealings and should conduct their business and use their best endeavors to elevate the standing of their vocation and so transact their affairs that the business may command and maintain a poise, prestige and force, and that others in it may find it profitable, wise and gratifying to emulate their example.


VI. Title Professionals will endeavor at all times to perpetuate friendly relations with the Real Estate Dealers, Mortgage Brokers and Attorneys who influence the principal part of their business, rendering then every assistance possible and cooperating in their various activities and undertakings.

VII. The volume of the Title Professionals business is governed by the progress and development and the satisfactory condition of general business in their community. It is therefore obvious that they must be good citizens, and active and loyal participants in the affairs for the betterment of their immediate territory.

VIII. They will especially realize that their next duty is to their business or profession and that they owe a portion of their time to the upbuilding of that vocation to which they belong.

IX. Every member shall secure and maintain a reputation for honesty and integrity and exhibit faith in their chosen vocation by the constant and unceasing efforts to the end that each member may merit a reputation for quality and dependable service.

X. Members shall not engage in any practices detrimental to the public interest or the continuing stability of the title profession.

XI. Any matter of an alleged violation of the principals set forth in this Code of Ethics may be submitted to the Grievance Committee of The
Kansas Land Title Association.

XII. Members of this Association shall realize that ours is a service profession and shall not refuse its services to any person because of race, color, creed, or adverse interest.



KLTA Constitution

KLTA By-Laws

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