Past Award Recipients





Kansas Title Professional Awardees

Polly Epting           

Mike Malone

Matt McBride

Doug Simmons

Eric Schibi

Jerilyn Stull

Joyce Huddleston

Chris St. John

Roger Hannaford

Fawn Berger

Patty Holle

Elizabeth Daniel

Amber McDowell

Candi Slobodnik

The Purpose of the Young Title Person Program 
The Purpose of the Young Title Person Program is to:

  • Recognize the achievements of outstanding Young Title People (YTP)
  • Aid in the recruitment and retention of dedicated young persons to the title industry
  • Provide opportunities of YTP to become more familiar with KLTA and its members
  • Encourage the involvement of YTP in the association

The persons chosen for the Young Title Person and Young Title Professional Awards will receive special recognition and paid registration to the Kansas Land Title Association Annual Convention. Nominations are completed by an owner, manager or supervisor of a KLTA Member firm and submitted to the Committee Chair.

Winners include:


2000 - Todd Sheppard - Young Title Professional and Allisa Long - Young Title Person
2001 - Eric Schibi - Young Title Person
2002 - Jerilyn Stull - Young Title Person
2011 - Jami Reed - Young Title Professional
2012 - Brandon Knowles - Young Title Professional and Amber McDowell - Young Title Person


2013 - Scott Hannaford - Young Title Professional

2014 - Kim May - Young Title Professional

2015 - Lacey Kirwan  - Young Title Person  

2016 - Candi Slobodnik - Young Title Professional                                                                           


Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

The first recipient of the Title Person of the Year award was given in 1978. In 1999 the name was changed to Distinguished Service Award. The Executive Board (President, President Elect, Vice-President, Ex-Officio President, Treasurer) votes on the nominees. Awards are given as a recognition of service to the industry.

1978 – Marvin W. Wallace, Kingman
1979 – Joe F. Jenkins, Kansas City
1980 – Robert G. Frederick, Salina
1981 – T. E. Hart, Westmoreland
1982 – Melvin Collier, Smith Center
1983 – Roger N. Bell, Wichita
1984 – Clem Silvers, El Dorado
1985 – John M. Bell, Wichita
1986 – Willard Leopold, Garden City
1987 – Joe F. Jenkins, II, Kansas City
1988 – Roy Worthington, Manhattan
1989 – George E. Burket, III, Kingman
1990 – Barbra Gould, Dodge City
1993 – John W. Dozier, Jr., Topeka
1995 – Dave Taylor, Dodge City
2000 – Suzan Kimball, Sublette
2012 - Hayden St. John, Topeka and Steve Kimball, Westmoreland

2014 - William "Bill" Malone, Wichita, Deborah Lewis, Larned, & Doug Simmons, Overland Park

2015 - John Wheeler, Sunrise Beach, Mo

2016 - Glen McQueen, Hugoton, Kansas

2017 - Polly Epting, Burlington, Kansas