Our membership includes approximately 150 organizations representing nearly 400 individuals and affiliates. Our events and communication tools reach an even larger audience of allied professionals including county recorders, abstractors, and more.

Members Expect Great Things

  • Quarterly publication the “Abstracter”, study guides and website designed for information and communication.
  • Special programs specifically for KLTA members such as industry timely training on Best Practices. 
  • Organization working with various state agencies on behalf of members such as the Kansas Department of Insurance.
  • Organization monitoring and lobbying on your behalf at the state legislature with a paid professional lobbyist and funded Political Action Committee to promote Advocacy of our interests.
  • Annual Convention and Title School designed for bringing the industry together for fellowship, business, and education.
  • Volunteer leadership and an extra office and staff dedicated to helping title professionals. You are represented on the board by District Chairs from your area.
  • The KLTA is affiliated with the American Land Title Association who offers an additional wealth of resources, advocacy and support at the national level. 
  • Proud use of the KLTA Logo to display your professionalism.
  • A clearinghouse for information. If the staff can’t answer it they’ll take the time to track it down.
  • Association promise to you; The KLTA volunteer leaders and staff will continue to seek good programs and protection for YOU!

Other member benefits include legilslative updates and access to many other resources like The Abstracter quarterly newsletter. You must be logged in to access member benefits.